The Music Revolution...
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A copyright revolution, fueling music evolution...

Thanks to Creative Common's pioneering copyright licenses, artists can now license their music to the public for FREE use. This not only provides artists with a source of music to create samples, loops, remixes and songs... it also lets fans download and share music freely (and legally).

Artists worldwide have embraced this open outlook to music and are licensing their music under CC copyrights. The result has been the creation of free music libraries and communites like that enable artists to create, critique and share music like never before.

Well known recording artists are sharing as well; Beastie Boys, Fort Minor, Chuck D., David Byrne, Paul Westerberg, Spoon, My Morning Jacket and many more have licensed select songs using CC's copyrights.

Funky Remixes is an independent website and is not affiliated with CC, but does feature remixes licensed through CC. We just want to help spread the word on free music... by spreading the funk.

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Special Thanks to...

I would like to thank Jeroen Wijering for building the Flash MP3 Player that I use to play the funky remixes and albums on this site. It is an amazing music player and because the script is licensed under a Creative Commons License, I was able to use it for free. Thank you Jeroen! You built a fantastic music player.

Reinvigorate.netIt is helpful to know how many people are visiting this website... and from what part of the globe. Fortunately, offers a free web traffic and analytics application. Free is good, and this tool is good.

About The Remixes

Besides being funky, these remixes also come in flavors like; hip hop, rap/rock and electronic... and the DJs, producers and artists that make the music are located all over the world. Not sure what funky mean? See our definition.

Want to Contact Funky Remixes?

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? I would love to hear them. You can send me (Bob) an email at .


Beastie Boys


Chuck D. w/ Fine Arts Militia

Chino C17

Clarance Boddyker



corp mwd

Dan the Automator

Danger Mouse & Jemini

David Byrne

DJ Blue

DJ Dolores


DJ Krizs

DJ Krytptide

DJ Tripp


Fort Minor


Gilberto Gil

Grooves LTD

Hidden Fortress


Le Tigre


MC Jack in the Box

MC Jack in the Box

Mickey Jello

Ms. Muthaphukkin Vybe

My Morning Jacket

Paul Westerberg



Rhythm Scholar





The Rapture

Thievery Corporation

Vieux Farka Touré

Vincent Vega11

Zap Mama

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The free remixes featured on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons family of license agreements. That means you can download, rip, remix and share most these songs, free and legally. See the specific license agreement for each remix for any restrictions that may apply.