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Le Tigre Remixes and Music

Here is our Le Tigre collection.

Check out the Le Tigre original "Fake French". Then, listen to the remixes that sample and cut it... all tracks featured on playlist >

01 - Fake French, by Le Tigre

02 - I've Got Fake French, by Cynthusia

A electronic/punk styled remix... a very unique remix with a great beat.

03 - I'm Funkyn'love You, by by DeeJaWu

A funky remix featuring Danger Mouse and Thievery Corporation samples.

04 - Le Tigre est Fatigué, by Trompkins

Samples 7 different songs... featuring vocals by Le Tigre.

05 - Blast, by DJ Polar Bear

Samples 7 songs... including Beastie Boys, My Morning Jacket and more.

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