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Fort Minor Remixes and Music

Fort Minor remixes...

These remixes sample acapella and loop packs from "Remember The Name".

There is a nice range of musical styles... hear them all on the playlist >

"Remember The Name" acapella and loop packs, by Fort Minor

01 - Remember, (Ghetto Metal Mix), by KCentric

An amazing rap rock remix with some good funk and intensity.

02 - For Those of You Making Some Noise, by Teru

A funky remix with great bass... so stop what you are doing and listen up.

03 - The DirtyWater Remix, by JLang

A great hip hop/synth styled remix with killer guitar and drum samples.

04 - DeutscheUnschuld Remix, by DeutscheUnschuld

Combines electronic with a hip hop/rap style... with nice bass.

05 - Open Box Mix, by doooookie

This one is awesome... impressive bass and use of samples.

06 - Rearranged For Annihilation Remix, by Sinesis

A remix straight from the streets of Bergen in Norway... electronic style.

07 - Remember The Name - Remix, by Teru

A funky drum and bass version with an electronic flavor... listen up!

08 - Gloomy Tuesday Mix, by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

A gritty downtempo rap remix... with a subtle trip hop sound.

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