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Chuck D with Fine Arts Milita Remixes and Music

Here is our Chuck D. music and remixes.

Check out "No Meaning No" by Chuck D. featuring Fine Arts Militia.

Then check out the remixes...

01 - No Meaning No, by Chuck D. featuring Fine Arts Militia

02 - Eminent Fury Remix, by Monty Arnold

This one is sweet... a rap rock remix using Chuck D. vocal samples.

03 - Whatever (Nyx Mix), by Citizen Nyx.

Stop! You have to listen to this remix... seriously, seriously...

04 - Tengiz Remix, by Tengiz

Here is a funky remix... with an impressive combination of samples.

05 - Chuck Lang, by MC Jack in the Box

A great rap rock mash up featuring J. Lang vocals... listen to this one!

06 - No Jazz Dub Mix, by DJ Tripp

Another funky one with some nice bass and horns.

07 - All I Need (Onza Remix), by DJ Kryptide

A sweet instrumental mix using the Militia Mix Samples Library.

08 - Wheels of Fire, by RDLucht Productions

A nice rap and rock instrumental remix... with great guitar samples.

09 - No Gas Ups, by Karmickill

electronic, hip hop, scratching, Chuck D remix.

10 - No Gold Teeth, by Wade Alin

hip hop, rap, rock, guitar, minimal vocals.

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