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Funky Instrumentals

Funky Instrumentals

Featuring some (damn) funky instrumental remixes.
12 Tracks | 41 mins | Download Album (52 MB)


:01 - Bounty Hunta Murderation Instrumental / BobaFatt DJ Vadim Remix

:02 - Funky Instrumental / DJiz

:03 - All I Need (Onza Remix) / DJ Krytptide

:04 - Burst / Facehole

:05 - Bong Crisby (Doobie Doo), by Fourstones

:06 - Body Banging Instrumental / J. Lang

:07 - Funky Samurai / KCentric

:08 - Free Funky Chillin' / Lavoura EletroChuck D. Remix

:09 - Pentatonicing / Pitx

:10 - Funky Theme / Teru

:11 - Sides No.2 / Vincent Vega11

Check out these (damn) funky instrumental tracks...

Including remixes of popular songs from DJ Vadim and Chuck D.

Download 12 Funky Free RemixesDownload "Funky Instrumentals" (57 MB)

(the artwork for this album is not available yet, but coming soon)

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