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12 Funky Free Remixes

12 Funky free remixes

 Includes Beastie Boys, Fort Minor & Chuck D remixes.
 12 Tracks | 45 mins | Download Album (56 MB)


:01 - Summer (Bootleg Remix) / Ashwan

:02 - Chino's Chucks / Chino17

:03 - Open Your Eyes / Coffeetrim

:04 - No Meaning No / DJ TrippChuck D. Remix

:05 - We Be Gettin Busy / Hidden FortressBeastie Boys Remix

:06 - Remember (Ghetto Metal Remix) / KCentricFort Minor Remix

:07 - Bring The Music Back / MC Jack in the Box

:08 - Funk Hustler / Rhythm Scholar

:09 - Breakdown Mustang Mix / RinkyD

:10 - Shit Go Global (Gabana Style) / Scoff

:11 - Still Hustlin / Vincent Vega11

:12 - Coast to Coast (J.Lang feat G.Wills) / Wukaniu


This album is what Funky Remixes is all about...

Free hip hop and rap/rock remixes that are good enough for radio.

This album also features Beastie Boys, Fort Minor, and Chuck D remixes.

Download 12 Funky Free RemixesDownload "12 Funky Free Remixes" (56 MB)

(the artwork for this album is not available yet, but coming soon)

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