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Busy French Saviour, by DJ TrippBeastie Boys Remix

Gettin Busy, by DJKrizsBeastie Boys Remix

Just Dance, by DJiz

Never Get Out (Bill Berry Mix), by William Berry

No Gas Ups, by KarmickillChuck D. Remix

Paparazzi, by Mickey Jello

What Cha Need (DU's bounce), by DeutscheUnschuld


Bring the Music Back, by MC Jack in the Box

Crazy Love, by MC Jack in the Box

For Those of You Making Some Noise, by TeruFort Minor Remix

Funk Hustler, by Rhythm Scholar

No Jazz Dub Mix (No Meaning No), by DJ TrippChuck D. Remix

No Meaning No (Tengiz Remix), by TengizChuck D. Remix

Open your eyes - Long Island Remix, by CoffeeTrim

Superior..., by Bombero

Whatever (Nyx Mix), by Citizen NyxChuck D. Remix

Hip Hop/ Rap:

Chino's Chucks, by Chino C17

Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC, by Loveshadow

Dedicated (nobody told me mix), by DJ Blue

From The BX Remix, by Forensic

Life of Luxury (Second Hand Treatment), by Teru

3th world remix (Kill Kill Kill), by DJ RaffDJ Vadim Remix

Material Girl DU Remix, by DeutscheUnschuld

No One, by Bombero

Still Hustling, by Vincent Vega11

The Boddyker Day, by BOCrew

We Be Gettin Busy, by Hidden FortressBeastie Boys Remix

What Cha Need (Blaster Mix), by CoffeeTrim

You Asked For It (World Is Different Mix), by DJ Blue

RAP/ Rock:

Brad and Chuck, by MC Jack in the Box

Chuck Lang, by MC Jack in the BoxChuck D. Remix

Crazy!!!, by Bombero

Crazy Love The Alex & Lang mix, J. Lang (Featuring FHC and Alex)

Go Global (Gabana Style), by Scoff

Gold Teeth Remix, by Wade AlinChuck D. Remix

January, featuring Calendar Girl, by Fourstones

Kill Kill Killed, by JohnnokDJ Vadim Remix

No Meaning No (Eminent Fury Remix), by Monty ArnoldChuck D. Remix

Remember (Ghetto Metal Mix), by KCentricFort Minor Remix

Summer (Bootleg Remix), by Ashwan

We Are Not Evil - The Lang & Alex Rock Mix, by Alex Beroza


Ana - m.w.d. remix, by corp mwd

Jr EakEe Remix (Kill Kill Kill), by Jr EakEeDJ Vadim Remix

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12 Funky Free Remixes
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Funky Instrumentals
Some (damn) funky instrumental remixes.
Re(wired) RemixeD
A collection of remixes from songs on The Wired CD.
The Wired CD
Beastie Boys, Chuck D, David Byrne, Spoon & more.

Funky Albums.
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Notable Free Music and Remixes: A collection featuring famous music artists and remixes of their songs.

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Beastie Boys (6 remixes)

Davide Byrne (1 remix)

Chuck D. with Fine Arts Milita (10 remixes)

Danger Mouse and Jemini (6 remixes)

DJ Vadim (4 remixes)

Fort Minor (8 remixes)

Le Tigre (4 remixes)

My Morning Jacket (1 remix)

Spoon (1 remix)

The Rapture (2 remixes)

Thievery Corporation (3 remixes)

Zap Mama (4 remixes)

(funky) Instrumental Tracks

The remixes below are not loaded in the playlist above.

Listen to them on the Funky Instrumental Album.

All I Need (Onza Remix), by DJ Krytptide

Description: hip hop, scratching, loop.Chuck D. Remix

Body Banging Instrumental, by J. Lang

Description: intrumental, electronic, original.

Bong Crisby (Doobie Doo), by Fourstones

Description: funky, downtempo, bass, limited vocal samples.

Burst, by Facehole

Description: intrumental, rock, electronic, original.

Free Funky Chillin', by Lavoura EletroChuck D. Remix

Description: instrumental, funky, jazzy, electronic.

Funky Instrumental, by DJiz

Description: funky, hip hop, intrumental, guitar, original.

Funky Samurai, by KCentric

Description: funky, intrumental, electronic, original.

Funky Theme, by Teru

Description: funky, intrumental, electronic, horns, guitar.

Pentatonicing, by Pitx

Description: funky, instrumental, remix, guitar, horns.

Sides No.2, by Vincent Vega11

Description: an original electronic style intrumental remix.

Wheels of Fire, by RDLucht Productions

Description: instrumental, rock, guitar.Chuck D. Remix

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