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Advisory and DISCLAIMER:

Some of the remixes and songs featured on contain explicit lyrics and content. I do not censor any of the artists or music on this website... so if you get offended by explicit content, you should probably not to listen to my music collection.

All the music on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons family of copyright licenses. Accordingly, people are free to download, rip, remix and in some cases distribute these works under terms of their licensing agreement. However, profiting from the music or using it commercially is prohibited.

Funky Remixes is not endorsed by Creative Commons or the artists on this website. Therefore, any opinions or statements expressed on this website are strictly the views of bob... the creator of Funky Remixes.

Refer to each song or the sitemap for specific license information.

To learn more about Creative Commons and the awesome things they are doing for the music community and beyond, visit their website. But don't forget to check out, the fuel behind the music revolution.

Report a Copyright violation :

To my knowledge, the music on this website does not contain copyrighted content that is not authorized for free use or distribution. If you discover a song that is in violation of any copyright license, please notify Funky Remixes and I will see that any music in violation is removed.

Please send me an email and give me the details about any possible violations. I will handle all violations promply.

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The free remixes featured on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons family of license agreements. That means you can download, rip, remix and share most these songs, free and legally. See the specific license agreement for each remix for any restrictions that may apply.