Are these remixes really free?
Read below to learn about the legal use of all music featured on this website....

Yup... these remixes are free.

You are free to listen to, download, remix and share the music featured on Funky Remixes... but only if you are using it for personal use.

You are NOT allowed to use this music commercially. You are also NOT allowed to profit from it unless you get permission from the artist, or artists.

This concept of music with "Some Rights Reserved" is made possible through the use of Creative Commons' family of copyright licenses. Creative Commons has enabled artists to open up their music to the world by eliminating certain restrictions that are found in traditional copyrights. Independent artists, as well as many famous artists, have adopted this outlook on music are are freely licensing their music to the public for free use.

So download any of the remixes you like, burn them to disc, or load them onto your iPod... then tell your friends where they can find the funk.

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The free remixes featured on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons family of license agreements. That means you can download, rip, remix and share most these songs, free and legally. See the specific license agreement for each remix for any restrictions that may apply.