About Funky Remixes.
So you want to know about the Funky?...

The music found on this website is funky and free... a sweet collection of upbeat hip-hop, rap/rock, electronic and funky styled remixes.


Each song and remix found on Funky Remixes has been licensed by the artist using copyright terms from Creative Commons. This makes it legal for you to download and share, but you cannot use this music commercially or profit from it in any way without consent from the copyright owner.

The remixes are produced by talented artists that you may not hear about on TV or the radio, but trust us... this stuff is sweet.

You can also find free music from notable artists that have licensed their music for free use, so aspiring artists have something they can sample to create their own remixes... without fear of a copyright-police-beat-down. These notable artists include: Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Chuck D, DJ Danger Mouse and Jemini, DJ Vadim, Fort Minor, Le Tigre, My Morning Jacket, Spoon, The Rapture, Thievery Corporation, and Zap Mama.

Funky Remixes was created in 2007 as one man's project to spread some funk with the world... and hopefully this will help make some noise for these artists, the open music movement and Creative Commons.

There are no profits made from this website and there are no commercial advertisements. It's all about free love baby. Enjoy!

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The free remixes featured on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons family of license agreements. That means you can download, rip, remix and share most these songs, free and legally. See the specific license agreement for each remix for any restrictions that may apply.